Organizational Principles

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  • We put Safety First. We are responsible to the public, volunteers, students and each other and take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe workplace and a safe food supply for our community.
  • We believe that Waste is Wrong. Whether it is food, money or people, we strive to put all resources to their best use and potential.
  • We value rescued food as the raw material that fuels our hunger relief and job training programs. We identify and solicit priority food items to ensure a stable food supply to support program goals.
  • We innovate. We raise the bar for ourselves, developing new models to build on the success of our mission.
  • We work to strengthen the infrastructure of hunger relief in the community. We build partnerships and advocate to meet unmet needs and serve as a resource in responding to emergencies in our community.
  • We believe in service and we respect and value the gifts that everyone brings to our mission. We recognize the diverse strengths, abilities, experiences and perspectives that our staff and volunteers bring to their teams and seek to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all.
  • We practice Transparency. We communicate openly with all of our stakeholders and throughout the organization. We also recognize our responsibility to share freely our learning and expertise with other organizations and communities.