Hunger Relief

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Each day, Second Helpings prepares and delivers more than 4,000 nutritious meals to our most vulnerable Central Indiana neighbors. Those meals are provided for free to more than 90 partner agencies: homeless shelters, day cares, community centers, afterschool programs, and more that feed hungry Hoosiers.

Second Helpings provides more than 90 local nonprofit agencies over 1 million meals each year at no charge. Those meals represent more than $5.5 million in savings in food costs to our community. With those savings, our partner agencies are able to put more money into their core focus without sacrificing the ability to provide a healthy, delicious meal to the people they serve.

It’s not easy to understand how many people go hungry. But 1 in 6 Hoosiers faces food insecurity, which means they don’t know where their next meal will come from. The number is even higher among children and seniors; 20% of Central Indiana kids are food insecure.

When people are hungry, they can’t learn, can’t work, and can’t grow. Feeding people doesn’t just fill bellies. It changes lives.

If you are a Central Indiana nonprofit interested in receiving meals from Second Helpings, please fill out our Partner Agency Form, and contact our Director of Agency Relations, Patty Cortellini at (317) 632-2664 ext. 127 or