Hunger Relief

Secosmiling-with-a-tortilland Helpings prepares and delivers thousands of nutritious meals every day. Those meals feed people in shelters, day cares, community centers, and other programs that feed hungry people, but don’t have the budgets to pay for food. And we do it at no charge.

It’s not easy to see how many people go hungry each day. But the reality is that more than one in ten Hoosier households face food insecurity, which means that they don’t know where the next meal will come from. The numbers can be disheartening: 40% of our nation’s hungry are children and one in nine seniors are food insecure.

When people are hungry, they can’t learn, can’t work, and can’t grow. Feeding hungry people doesn’t just fill bellies. It changes lives.

If you’re an agency interested in receiving meals from Second Helpings, start by reading our Become a Partner page.