Hunger & Poverty in Central Indiana

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Hunger is a serious problem. Without food, we can’t focus on work. Our children can’t develop the healthy bodies and minds they need to succeed in the classroom. 1 in 6 Hoosiers is hungry. In Central Indiana, the problem is even more severe for seniors and children, where 20% of residents face food insecurity. (Source: Feeding America, Map the Meal Gap).

In Marion County, 21% of Marion County residents use some sort of food assistance (SNAP, WIC, food pantries, congregate meals, etc.). 6% of Marion County residents have unmet need for food. Families with children comprise almost half (48%) of those with unmet needs. (Source: Indy Hunger Network Unmet Need Study, 2014).

At the same time, poverty is a systemic problem that plagues far too many Hoosier families. In Marion County, 20.6% of residents and 30.6% of children live below the federal poverty line (Source: The Polis Center at IUPUI). At Second Helpings, we’re working to address this issue through our free Culinary Job Training program, which prepares unemployed and underemployed adults for careers in the food service industry.