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Who can I speak to about hiring a graduate?

You can learn more about our graduates’ training and certifications on our Hire A Graduate page. For more information on specific graduates who are ready to be your next great hire, please contact our Employment Specialist, Anne King at (317) 632-2664 ext. 139 or If you’d like to speak to one of our Chef Instructors, contact Executive Chef Kathy Jones at (317) 632-2664 ext. 132 or

What are the requirements for the Culinary Job Training Program?

Age: All candidates accepted for the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of training.

Employment Status: Candidates must be unemployed or underemployed at the time of the application.

Drugs and Alcohol: Candidates must be drug/substance free, or be actively involved in a treatment program and/or support group. Even if in a treatment program, the individual must be substance-free while enrolled in training at Second Helpings, Inc.

Self-Management: All candidates accepted for the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program must be capable of independent self-management, i.e., able to take care of laundry, personal hygiene, eating, toilet and transportation requirements.

Communication: All candidates accepted for the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program must be able to communicate quickly and effectively with others both verbally and in writing and to give and interpret both verbal and physical cues.

Pre-Testing: Candidates for the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program must possess basic math and reading skills. All applicants must score at least 70% on a pre-admission examination that measures the candidate’s math and reading skills.

Residential Status: Candidates must be in a stable living environment (own/rent house or apartment, shelter resident, live with friends or relatives, etc.) for the duration of the program.

Financial Status: Candidates’ income or economic status is not a consideration for admission to the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program. Our program focuses on, but is not limited to, unemployed and underemployed adults.

Physical Fitness: Commercial food production requires good physical conditioning, the ability to move quickly, the ability to bend, lift at least 30 pounds and stand for long periods. Good eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity are also required. Candidates for the Second Helpings Culinary Job Training Program must be physically capable of performing all essential commercial foodservice functions independently or with minimal supervision and assistance.

Standards of Dress and Appearance:

  • One Second Helpings’ hat and two t-shirts are provided at the beginning of class. Students are required to wear both, each day of class.
  • Students are required to wear long black pants.
  • Students must wear sturdy, skid-proof, closed-toe shoes.
  • Daily personal hygiene and a clean uniform are required.
  • Nails must be short, clean, and trimmed; nail polish, artificial nails, or jewelry are not allowed.
  • Facial hair is limited to moustaches that are neatly trimmed. Beards and goatees are not allowed. Hair styles must be neat and professional.

Attendance and Punctuality: Due to the intensity of the 7-week training, students are expected to attend class every day.  The nature of the program,  makes it impossible to make up missed training, which may hinder graduation. Trainees are expected to be present and prepared to begin work at the scheduled starting time and to be involved in productive learning until the scheduled end of the training day. Tardiness or leaving before the end of training are both strictly prohibited.

General Policies and Expectations: Opportunities for Culinary Job Training at Second Helpings are provided without regard to religion, race, national origin, financial status, age, gender, disability, religious practices or beliefs.

It is the policy of Second Helpings to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities who are applicants for the Culinary Job Training Program. If you need assistance or accommodations during the application or interview process because of a disability, please contact Nora Spitznogle at (317) 632-2664 ext. 113 or

Candidates accepted into the program must be willing to adhere to the dress, attendance, safe food handling, facilities, and all other policies of Second Helpings, Inc. Candidates must have a sincere interest in working in the food service industry.

How Do I Apply?

Applications are only available in-person after attending one of our info sessions. All sessions are hosted at our facility on Southeastern Avenue (directions) and the current sessions can be found on our Culinary Job Training main page.

For additional questions, contact Tonya, Culinary Job Training Coordinator at (317) 632-2664 ext. 114 or