Indy Wings Week: 2/20-2/26

Thanks to our friends at NUVO, Second Helpings will serve as the beneficiary of Indy Wings Week 2017. Starting today, local diners will enjoy half-priced wings at 27 different locations across Indianapolis. Second Helpings will receive a portion of proceeds from the registration fees from participating restaurants. See the list of participating restaurants below, and… Continue reading.

What is your favorite volunteer role at Second Helpings?

Here at Second Helpings, there are hundreds of volunteers who work daily in many different areas in the organization. Without them and other supporters, Second Helpings could not do what it does. Below are listed our volunteering opportunities – if you are a current volunteer, where do you work and what’s your favorite part about… Continue reading.

Tales from the Table: The Anonymous Driver Companion

For Brock Lee (alias), attending the musical fundraiser Tonic Ball every year became a way to enjoy the music while also donating to a great cause. In 2014, Brock needed to go pick up his tickets and t-shirt at Second Helpings. He began talking to a volunteer who came in once a month and talked about… Continue reading.

Top 10: Agencies that Receive the Most Meals

At Second Helpings, we recognize we’re only as strong as the agencies we serve. It doesn’t matter how much food we rescue and prepare in our hunger relief kitchen, unless our partner agencies can reach the hungry Hoosiers who need them most. Second Helpings recently reached the milestone of serving 1 million meals in a year,… Continue reading.

Tales from the Table: Joe Slaughter

While always aware of hunger and food insecurity, 12 years ago Joe Slaughter witnessed it firsthand. Serving as Vice President and General Manager with Herff Jones at the time, Slaughter began volunteering at Horizon House, which provides multiple services on site and on the street to help all people who are homeless build more stable,… Continue reading.

Second Helpings receives $7.5 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

Earlier today, the Lilly Endowment announced an extraordinary grant to Second Helpings totaling $7.5 million. In making this grant the Endowment recognizes the critical role that Second Helpings plays in addressing hunger and poverty in our community. The grant is specifically tied to the sustainability of Second Helpings to ensure that it can continue to be… Continue reading.

Tales from the Table: Boys and Girls Clubs Keenan-Stahl

Winters in Indiana are cold and harsh. Snow and ice wreak havoc on the roads, while the cold can be felt in one’s bones. Hunger any time of the year is hard, but when someone shivers from the cold and is stuck indoors, hunger can be more keenly felt. For children and teenagers on the… Continue reading.

Tales from the Table: Brian Thomason

Second Helpings has some incredible long-term volunteers who have whipped together delicious dishes, delivered thousands of meals, or dutifully sorted through huge piles of bread. It also has some amazing newer volunteers who have found a passion in serving at Second Helpings, and quickly and willingly volunteer in any way. As we turn the page… Continue reading.

Tales from the Table: Charlie Chapel

Cooking with her grandmother in the kitchen in her hometown of Chicago formed some of Charlie Chapel’s earlier memories. As she grew older, she began working in business and office management but never forgot the lessons her grandmother taught her. When her daughter moved to Indianapolis with her father, Chapel rethought living in Chicago without… Continue reading.