Staff Listing

You can call Second Helpings at 317.632.2664. Extensions to reach staff members are listed below.


Jennfier Vigran
Jennifer Vigran Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 116


Patty Cortellini
Patty Cortellini Agency Relations Manager
If you’re looking to receive meals, please use this page to contact Patty.
Ext. 127


Mike Eline
Mike Eline Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 126


Chef Felicia Grady Culinary Job Training Instructor
Ext. 136 



Annie Hostetter
Annie Hostetter Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator
Ext. 111


Amber Jett
Amber Jett Manager of Corporate and Donor Relations
Ext. 120


Kathy Jones Director of Hunger Relief
Ext. 132



Anne King Employment Specialist
Ext. 139 



Chef Vincent
Chef Vincent Kinkade Director of Culinary Job Training
Ext. 119


Kim Kiser Development Coordinator
Ext. 130



Jon Meinert  Director of Food Rescue & Transportation
Ext. 122


Karissa Morris
Karissa Morris Administrative Program Specialist
Ext. 114


Statia Murphy
Statia Murphy Development Event Planning Officer
Ext. 124


Rob Peoni Communications and Marketing Manager
Ext. 112


Katie Prine Senior Director of Philanthropy
Ext. 138


Adriane Rios
Adriane Rios Manager of Volunteer Services


Lynda Smith
Lynda Smith Bookkeeper
Ext. 128


Nora Spitznogle
Nora Spitznogle Director of Programs
Ext. 113


Caroline Townsend
Caroline Townsend Kitchen Assistant
Ext 123


Jason Wells Kitchen Assistant
Ext 123



vicki wertz
Vicki Wertz Executive Assistant
Ext. 134


Melissa York
Melissa York Hub Coordinator
Ext. 133


Feedback & Comments

If you have comments, ideas, or questions about our site, organization, or mission, feel free to send us email at, or call 317.632.2664.