February 2019 Volunteer of the Month: James House

Since 2015, James House has tirelessly dedicated nearly 800 hours of his time ensuring that no Second Helpings task goes unfinished. The saying should be “a James of all trades” because this man has the talents to do just about anything under the sun – especially when it comes to fulfilling our mission.

Currently, you can spot James almost every day of the week volunteering like a mad man anywhere and everywhere we need help. He can typically be found in the dish room where he serves as one lean, mean, dishwashing machine! However, if we need help prepping food, delivering meals, rescuing food, sorting donated items, washing laundry, supporting special events, or some friendly banter to brighten our day, he’s our go-to guy.

For most of his adult life, he has been a highly skilled operator of heavy machinery. He worked in landscaping, drove snow plows, tractors, and most any large machine he has been asked to operate. The risk of injury is high with such a career, so he decided the time had come to travel the safer route for as long as he feels the call to serve. When asked why he chooses to dedicate so much of his time to Second Helpings, he says “I just like helping people.”

When he’s not at Second Helpings, he is working part-time at Bazbeaux Pizza on Mass Avenue alongside two of our wonderful Hunger Relief kitchen staff, Caroline and Jason. Who knew there was a mini Second Helpings family in the kitchen at Bazbeaux?!

Well James, we are one grateful organization to have you as part of our volunteer family. You are truly irreplaceable, and we hope you feel the call to serve at Second Helpings for a very long time to come. We love you!


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations on doing what you like best!
    Praying strength for many more hours of joy!
    Thank you for making a difference!
    Benchmark Family Services Indy gives thanks tp Second Helpings for our sweets given for our Foster Parents training day.

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