January 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Alex Khoury

If you volunteer at Second Helpings, chances are good that you have probably already met Alex Khoury, since he dedicates so much of his time towards transforming lives through the power of food. However, just in case, we want to highlight his time and talents.

Alex joined our volunteer family in October 2017 when his friend, Meredith, brought him along on her kitchen volunteer shift. He was immediately sold on the mission of Second Helpings. He decided to stick around and even brought in more of his friends, too. He has provided nearly 300 hours of volunteer service since then, and has volunteered to help out with anything and everything.

You will typically find him any Tuesday-Thursday slicing, dicing, cooking and prepping anything we need and he often serves as a Kitchen Lead for our group volunteers on those days, too. If we make a cry for help with Food Rescue or Meal Delivery, he is more than willing to put on a different hat and help accomplish any given task. Oh, and did I mention how much he contributes to special events? He assists in the kitchen during every single 2,000+ Hours, Time, Talent and Treasure dinner and he loves to help Chef Kathy at Corks & Forks too.

Alex says, “My favorite thing about Second Helpings are the other volunteers and the full-time staff. You all do such a great job of keeping up a positive atmosphere.  The scale of what we are able to accomplish together is shocking and humbling.” Any guesses on his most proud accomplishment here at Second Helpings? He says, “I’m most proud of the amount of onions I’ve been able to cut since I’ve been volunteering, it’s probably a couple thousand pounds by now :).” Yes, you read that right. ONIONS. Now you know he is a keeper.

When he’s not volunteering at Second Helpings, Alex enjoys staying active and spending time with his friends, family and sweet pup Bravo. He also volunteers at St. George Orthodox Church in Fishers.

We are one lucky volunteer family to have this guy among us. We are so grateful for his passion and dedication towards our mission. Here’s to two thousand more pounds of onion chopping. We love you, Alex!

Are you interested in fighting hunger in your community with Alex?


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