September 2018 Volunteer of the Month: Anne Barnes

Who’s that lovely lady? It’s the one and only Anne Barnes! She has been contributing her talents to Second Helpings since early 2017 and in that short amount of time she has dedicated nearly 300 hours of service to fulfilling our mission. That’s some feat for someone who doesn’t have a lot of spare time.

Anne was introduced to Second Helpings many moons ago by one of our founders, Kristen Cordoza. The mission really spoke to her and she knew that one day she wanted to become a volunteer. That day finally came, and she now volunteers every Wednesday to either audit meal tickets for our CFO or sit at the Front Desk and help with various other staff projects. Not only that, she is quite the special events volunteer, too. Tonic Ball being one of her favorites, of course.

When asked what compels her to volunteer with Second Helpings, she says, “I like making a difference in my community. I love all the people that are so dedicated to fighting hunger here in Indianapolis — the volunteers I have met and the wonderful staff who lead us all in this journey.”

Anne is a full-time residential real estate professional, as well as an avid runner who has completed several local races including the Mini Marathon. When she has a few moments to spare, she loves spending as much time as she can with her three grown daughters. Oh, and she loves to read, too!

We are fortunate to have this fantastic lady as part of our volunteer family. She is quite the steward for Second Helpings and we are so grateful for her passion towards transforming lives through the power of food. Congratulations, Anne! You are truly one in a million.


  1. Liz

    Way to go Anne!! She’s the best!! She has a huge heart, caring spirit & great friend!! Proud of you Anne!!

  2. Anonymous

    To care so much for your fellow man
    Is a quality all too rare
    Yet you give of your time and talents
    For all in need to share
    So thanks for being a volunteer

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