Watch WASTED! documentary at Heartland Film Fest

Second Helpings is proud to partner with Heartland Film Festival on a screening of Anthony Bourdain’s new food waste documentary WASTED! The Story of Food Waste during Heartland Film Festival 2017. Learn more about the film, and watch a short preview below. Join us for a of screening at Indianapolis Museum of Art‘s Toby Theater at 7:30pm on Wednesday, October 18th or at AMC Castleton Square 14 at 2:15pm on Thursday, October 19th. Save $5 on your ticket using the promo code: HFFSECOND


Since 1998, Second Helpings has rescued more than 28 million pounds of food from wholesalers, groceries and restaurants, using that food to prepare and deliver more than 10 million meals to partner agencies across Central Indiana. We believe that waste is wrong. Whether it’s food, money or people, we strive to put all resources to their best use and potential. We value rescued food as the raw material that fuels our hunger relief and culinary job training programs. We identify and solicit priority food items to ensure a stable food supply to support our program goals. We are excited to partner with Heartland Film to raise awareness around the critical issue of food waste.

About the film: 

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown out. That’s $218 billion worth of food produced for human consumption that never gets eaten with one-third of the world’s food being thrown away even before it reaches the plate. It’s time to shed light on what is food and what is garbage. WASTED! The Story of of Food Waste is a feature-length documentary that will change how people buy, cook, and eat food. Through the eyes of chef-heroes like Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber and Danny Bowien, we’ll see how the world’s most influential chefs battle food waste – transforming what people consider garbage, scraps, and rejects into incredible dishes that feed more people, impact the bottom line, and create a more sustainable food system.


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