Who donates the most food?

Ever wonder where Second Helpings food comes from? All of the food is generously donated by wholesale distributors, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, catering businesses, and other organizations that want to stop wasting food while feeding the hungry at the same time. This rescued food is the fuel upon which Second Helpings operates. Listed below are the ten places that have donated the most amount of food since Second Helpings opened in 1998.

10. Green BEAN Delivery – 483,449 pounds. In 2009, Green BEAN began donating its delicious produce to Second Helpings. “We’re against food waste, especially when there are so many neighbors who are food insecure. Second Helpings provides an indispensable service helping us turn perishable produce into nutritious meals for those who need it,” said Public Affairs Manager Kyle Edgell.

9. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market – 557,774 pounds. A donor since 2013, wherever there’s a new Fresh Thyme, they immediately begin donating to Second Helpings. “Not only is it being used, but it’s going to a good cause. It helps others, as well as strengthening ties to the local community. We want to raise awareness, not only about how we help in the community, but how community organizations are also making a difference,” stated Assistant Store Director Becky Graves.

8. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – 888,651 pounds. The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group has generously donates drinks to Second Helpings since 2010.

7. Bluffton Food Distribution – 915,663 pounds. While most food donations come from around or near Indianapolis, Bluffton donates surplus food it cannot handle in its warehouse. Coordinator Connie Kaehr said, “We’re happy with the partnership with Second Helpings. In the long run, it’s about everyone helping everyone out.”


Delicious cookies from Taylor’s Bakery!

6. Taylor’s Bakery – 1,022,860 pounds. Second Helpings has received delicious treats from homegrown Taylor’s Bakery. “From the beginning, it was a perfect fit,” stated co-owner Drew Allen about the partnership between Taylor’s and Second Helpings.

5. Costco – 1,098,160 pounds. Since 2003, individuals and families receive a wide variety of Costco goods.

Costco treats!

4. Kroger – 1,337,521 pounds. Dozens of Krogers around Indianapolis have been proud supporters of Second Helpings. Kroger also sponsors events such as Tonic Ball and Corks and Forks.

Sysco donations, ready to be made into hot, nutritious meals.

3. Sysco – 2,586,337 pounds. Sysco has been a longtime supporter of Second Helpings, beginning to donate food in 1999. Director of Operations for Sysco Indianapolis Nathan Schneider stated, “We always try and donate food, no matter the location. We want to invest in the local community.”

2. Trader Joe’s – 2,702,860 pounds. Both Trader Joe’s locations donate all kinds of food, from produce to bread to dairy to meat to nonperishables.

1. US Foods – 6,052,860 pounds. For 15 years, US Foods has been a generous supporter of Second Helpings. Over 6 million pounds food equates to about 6 million meals.



Grateful for these generous donations, Second Helpings also could not operate with hundreds of other organizations that graciously take time to prepare food to be donated. Thank you! Are you interested in taking action, and donating food in support of hungry Hoosiers?


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